Question: Can a Healthcare Marketing Agency Attract New Patients for Clinic & Hospital?

Marketing is essential to the success and growth of any business, and the healthcare industry is no exception. While the healthcare industry necessitates a unique and tailored approach, a knowledgeable healthcare marketing agency will have all of the necessary tools to enhance your current Hospitals/Clinics while maximising its longevity and growth. Here are some strategies used by agencies to attract new patients:


Determine your target demographic and plan your strategy.

After reviewing and analysing patient records, you can zero in on a target audience. Understanding and analysing this data assists the agency in organising and developing the most effective marketing campaign that produces results. For example, does your practise see a lot of millennial patients? When we know who we need to reach, we can refine and target our efforts!


Simplify your branding.

Your marketing team will assist you in discovering and refining the best way to represent your hospital/clinic and communicate that in all of your materials.


What Local SEO Techniques Work Best for Small Businesses?

Now that you have a better understanding of what local SEO is, you may be wondering how to apply it to your small business.

You can use a variety of local SEO techniques to enhance your online visibility. While some are quick wins, others might take a little longer.

Climax Core always advises doing some research before you start. Consider:

  • The keywords you want to rank for
  • The target audience you want to attract
  • The competitors who offer similar products and services to you
  • This will give you the information you need to make the right decisions.


1. Optimising a Website

For local SEO, an excellent place to start is by auditing the current content on your website. Check to see if your website pages and blog posts are targeting the localised keywords you want to rank for.

Not just the words on your pages should be checked. Your website’s search engine visibility may be affected by your links, images, and meta descriptions.


2. Making your Google Business Profile Verify and Optimised

Your local SEO can be easily enhanced by creating a Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business. You can use it to give your company an online presence and raise the likelihood that it will show up in local Google searches.

The Bing alternative, Bing Places for Business, allows you to import the data from your Google Business Profile as well.


3. Assess your online portals and the patient experience.

From website design and responsiveness to patient-friendly content, every aspect of your webpage and/or portal will be scrutinised. The team will assist you in developing and optimising the best website for your hospital / clinic.


4. Start Focusing on SEO and Paid ad Strategies.

Marketing experts understand the significance of these factors, and investing in the right type of digital advertising can help your Clinic / Hospital reach your ideal target.


5.  Collect Patient Testimonials and Feedback.

Patients want to feel heard. Through multiple listing and review sites, your marketing team will use best practises to keep the conversation going between you and your current and future patient base.


Do you want to learn more? Call our healthcare marketing Agency! Our healthcare marketing team is eager to learn more about your Hospital/Clinic and how we can assist you in attracting new patients!